Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is about?

A: This site is for everybody who is into active sports and gathering information about their next dream trip or vacation (possibly with available instruction for another new passion… why not?) - worldwide. Extreme Sports Centers (surf camps, windsurfing schools, kite tour providers, kitesurfing instruction centers, artificial wave centers, etc.) are encouraged to register, load and manage information about their services.

Q: Does it cost anything?

A: Great question with a simple answer... All online services are FREE, free for everybody.

Q: What active sports are you covering?

A: The grand plan is to cover them all so that everybody would find information about their favorite sport with a single click of a button. In the beginning we are going to concentrate on kiteboarding, windsurfing, surfing, standup paddleboarding, and wakeboarding. Then we plan to expand to mountain biking, snowboarding, and rafting.

Q: What weather forecasting tools are you utilizing?

A: We have integrated with which is the greatest ever all-in-one resource to see current and forecasted weather conditions (wind, waves, swell, rain, snow, temperature – just to name a few) around any location worldwide. Please refer to FAQ for utilizing this great tool to its fullest potential.

Q: Where is all this searchable content from?

A: All the content about active sports centers and instruction providers has been entered either by providers themselves or taken from publicly available sources such as center’s web sites, online mapping providers’ information, and center’s social network profiles. The goal was to summarize all the useful centers’ information into one page so that you could have it available and easy to find with just a couple of clicks.

Q: I see my center in the search results. How do I claim ownership?

A: If you see data about your active sports center, please register on the site (as a “Partner”), contact us with the claim request, and we will link it to you in the system. After that, at any time, you will be able to login and tune up all information about your center - making it most up-to-date and relevant for your potential customers.

Q: Will I be able to see prices re-calculated to the currency of my choice?

A: Yes! We have integrated the site with a real-time currency exchange service making it easy for you to see the prices in the currency of your choice, re-calculated based on exchange rates relevant to this particular moment.