East Coast Kiteboarding School

1841 SW 81st Ave, Davie, FL 33324, USA

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    East Coast Kiteboarding School is the premiere kiteboarding center in Florida. If you’re brand new to the sport we offer comprehensive kiteboarding lessons that will get you up and riding quickly and safely. If you’re an intermediate rider, East Coast Kiteboarding can help take your riding to the next level, whether it’s riding overpowered, adding hang time to your jumps, or wave riding with style. Our instructors have the experience to build your skills and help you reveal your true potential.

    • Lessons
      Supervised Kiteboarding Downwinder150 USD
      Kitesurfing Camp/Course, 2 days750 USD
      Group Kite Lesson, 3 hours, per person200 USD
      Private Kite Lesson, 3 hours350 USD

      Facilities and Services
      • Equipment rentals
      • Downwinder support
      • Insurance for rental gear
      • Rescue watch
      • Transportation to desired spot
      • Custom trips


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      • North Kiteboarding
      • Best Kiteboarding
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      1841 SW 81st Ave, Davie, FL 33324, USA
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      • All Week Days
        08:00 - 17:00