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7441, South Africa

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If you are into stand up paddleboards (SUP), kayak fishing, kiteboards or soft surfboards, Vanhunks Boarding invites you to step into your own legend and live it. There’s no denying the pace of life is getting faster and faster, with access to information at our fingertips at any instant. Increasingly, it’s getting harder to remember what really matters in life, and often we have to stumble and fall to get us to stop spinning at what feels like lightning speeds for long enough to catch our breath in the frenzy of the hustle and grind of the concrete jungles and the internet highways. At Vanhunks, we aim to reconnect you with your authentic self. For us, being human is a way of life and a treasure to defend fiercely. We take you back to the grassroots of what being human is all about. We reconnect you with nature to get you engaging with the earth that holds you daily, the water that washes your worries away, the fresh air that brings you back to life, all to stoke the fire inside your soul.

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7441, South Africa
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