Norway Snowkiting Center

Rv7 70, 5785 Vøringsfoss, Norway

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    We are group of snow kiters living here in Norway. We've been guiding people along the Hardangervidda plateau since year 2009. We were opened snowkiting center in Dyranut and chasing perfect wind and powder on the Hardangervidda plateau. We are driven by our passion for freedom. That's what is snowkiting all about. Boosting high jumps, riding perfect snow, training freestyle or flying mountains down. Simply doing what makes us happy. We would love to share our passion with you and show you perfect world of snowkiting - that's the planet of snowkiting. It is one of the best snowkiting places in the world. We know the location well and we offer you to be part of it all. We are providing all kinds of snowkiters from beginners to professionals. We offer you exclusive living right in the middle of Hardangervidda in our snowkiting center. We will take care of you from beginning to the end. Do you travel alone? Does not matter. We have everything you need - transfers, kite equipment, guiding, skis and snowboards. Just pack your handbag.

    • Lessons
      Snowkite Gear Rental, full set, per day60 EUR
      Snowkite Gear Rental, full set, per week270 EUR
      Private Snowkite Course, 2 hours140 EURBook it
      Private Snowkite Course, 6 hours320 EURBook it
      Private Snowkite Course, 10 hours600 EURBook it
      Snowkiting Trip Package, 7 days590 EURBook it

      Facilities and Services
      • Custom trips
      • Accommodation discount
      • Equipment rentals
      • Pick up/Drop off service
      • Storage on the spot
      • Lodging with WiFi
      • WiFi on the spot
      • Transportation to desired spot
      • Rescue watch


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      Rv7 70, 5785 Vøringsfoss, Norway
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      • All Week Days
        08:00 - 17:00