Kiteboarding Bonaire

Kralendijk, Caribbean Netherlands

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Kiteboarding Bonaire is the #1 kite school of Bonaire with more than 16 years of experience teaching and a 100% safety record. We are #1 for a good reason: our comprehensive kiteboarding programs began development in 2002 on Bonaire and continue to evolve with the advancements in kiteboarding gear and instructional techniques. This means fully personalized lessons with the newest gear and the highest safety standards. Kiteboarding Bonaire is an IKO kite center, this means that the school and all our instructors have been certified by the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization).

  • Lessons
    Kite Gear Rental, full set, per day80 USD
    Kite Gear Rental, full set, per week400 USD
    Group Kite Course, per person, 3 hours225 USD
    Group Kite Course, per person, 3 x 3 hours610 USD
    Advanced Kite Clinic, 90 min165 USD

    Facilities and Services
    • Student certification card
    • WiFi on the spot
    • Equipment rentals
    • Storage on the spot
    • Rescue watch
    • Radio/GPS assistance


    • Slingshot
    • CrazyFly
    • Duotone
    • Ride Engine
    • Brunotti
    • Axis
    • Lieuwe
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    Kralendijk, Caribbean Netherlands
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    • All Week Days
      08:00 - 17:00