Elgeryd Movement

Amed Beach, Bali, Indonesia

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My Name is Niklas, I'm a professional movement, yoga and freediving instructor. I love traveling and teaching people how to take more control of their minds and bodies in stressful and demanding moments. Whether that stress comes from being upside down in a handstand, if you are freediving deeper than you’ve ever been before or if someone is trying to kick you in the face in a thai boxing ring. In my mind, all of these situations are great opportunities to get deeper into your own mind and a perfect way to get to know yourself. The goal of my practice and teaching is to make you more able to use your body and mind in a functional and effective way, not just in extreme sports situations but in everyday life as well. It covers a wide spectrum of skills, all the way from something as basic as how to squat or breathe correctly, to more fancy stuff like press up hand stands, juggling, parkour rolls or spinning kicks.

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Amed Beach, Bali, Indonesia
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