Kitesurf Roatan

Camp Bay Beach, Honduras

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    We believe that consistent gestures, even if small, lead to a bigger and stronger change. There is endless possibilities and ways of living your dream life, starting by taking consciously good care of yourself (food, exercise, nature, positive attitude), extending it to your local community and nourishing your natural environment are just a few examples. Our services are all coloured by this philosophy. Empowering locals, creating work and sharing our time with them is part of our schedule

    • Lessons
      SUP Rental, per hour25 USD
    • Lessons
      Private Kite Course, 6 hours540 USD
      Group Kite Course, per person, 6 hours360 USD
      "Blue Water Dream" Kite Tour, per person150 USD
      "Paradise Island" Kite Tour, per person150 USD
      "Top Spot" Kite Tour, per person90 USD
      Kite Gear Rental, full set, per hour45 USD
      Kite Gear Rental, full set, per day90 USD
      Kite Gear Rental, full set, per week540 USD

      Facilities and Services
      • Accommodation discount
      • Rescue watch
      • Custom trips
      • Inland excursions
      • Equipment rentals
      • Yoga Classes
      • SUP tours
      • Transportation to desired spot
      • Downwinder support
      • Insurance for rental gear


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      Camp Bay Beach, Honduras
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      • All Week Days
        08:00 - 17:00