Paros 844 00, Greece

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    Paros Kite Team is a group of people working together interdependently and cooperatively. We aim to provide the top services you can find in Greece. Our missions include teaching Kitesurfing & Windsurfing with FUN and Safety, ensuring people’s safety, providing service excellence and meeting everyone’s needs. From time to time, we select the very experienced and qualified Kitesurf/Windsurf Instructors, Supervisors and Rescue, service-minded and helpful Receptionists. Besides, you can find the most pleasant and effective Management in Greece.

    • Lessons
      Kite Gear Rental, full set, per hour55 EUR
      Kite Gear Rental, full set, per day110 EUR
      Kite Gear Rental, full set, per week480 EUR
      Group Kite Course, per person, 4 hours250 EUR
      Private Kite Lesson, per hour110 EUR
      Private Kite Course, 5 hours450 EUR
    • Lessons
      SUP Rental, per hour25 EUR
      SOU Guided Tour, 1 day80 EUR
    • Lessons
      Windsurf Gear Rental, full set, per hour35 EUR
      Windsurf Gear Rental, full set, per day80 EUR
      Windsurf Gear Rental, full set, per week390 EUR
      Group Windsurf Lesson, per hour, per person35 EUR
      Group Windsurf Course, per person, 6 hours170 EUR
      Private Windsurf Lesson, per hour45 EUR
      Private Windsurf Course, 6 hours200 EUR

      Facilities and Services
      • Chillout zone
      • Rescue watch
      • Accommodation discount
      • Equipment rentals
      • Downwinder support
      • WiFi on the spot
      • Freshwater showers on the spot
      • SUP tours
      • Yoga Classes


      • Nobile
      • Dakine
      • NP Surf
      • Cohete Surfboards
      • Point-7
      • NoveNove
      Center contacts
      Paros 844 00, Greece
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      • All Week Days
        08:00 - 17:00