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Velipoja Beach, Albania

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    Albanian Water Sports provides rentals and tuition of water sports: windsurfing, sailing, kitesurfing, stand up paddling, wakeboarding, and other outdoor activities, including hotel accommodation at the heart of the beautiful sandy beach of Velipojë in Albania. The long and sandy beach of Velipojë is the best spot for sailing and windsurf in Albania for beginner and intermediate levels. Steady daily winds during the warm season combined with constant flat water, make it an ideal place for practicing wind-based, non-motorized water sports. Albanian Water Sports is an initiative launched in 2007 by committed and experienced professionals to promote and support through water sports activities tourism development in Albania. It is located in our partner hotel – Princi i Vogël, Velipojë. Our small fleet includes sailboats of different sizes, shapes and construction technologies; a rich variety of windsurfing rigs and boards ready for beginners, kids, women and experts; kitesurfing sets; several stand-up paddling boards, canoes and other water sports equipment. We love riding with the wind and focus on creating a young generation of sailors in Albania to promote environment-friendly, sustainable tourism development.

    • Lessons
      Kite Gear Rental, full set, per hour20 EUR
    • Lessons
      Windsurf Gear Rental, full set, per day40 EUR
      Group Windsurf Course, per person, 6 hours99 EUR
    • Lessons
      SUP Rental, per hour12 EUR
      SUP Tour to Franz Joseph Island, 45 min25 EUR
      SUP Tour to Buna River, 2 hours35 EUR
      SUP Tour on Buna River, 5 hours45 EUR
      SUP Tour to Shengjin, 5 hours59 EUR

      Facilities and Services
      • Accommodation discount
      • Equipment rentals
      • SUP tours
      • Inland excursions
      • Yoga Classes
      • Custom trips
      • Lodging with WiFi


      • Duotone
      • Mistral
      • North Kiteboarding
      • RRD
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      Velipoja Beach, Albania
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